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C125 Meals In Heels Off The Page Recipe Album With Bread Bin by Bernadette Siena

C125 Meals In Heels Off The Page Recipe Album With Bread Bin by Bernadette Siena
Off the Page:  Bread Bin with Album
Created by Bernadette Siena
South Africa


For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps Meals in Heals Collection C125 papers: C125 001 to 012
  • FabScraps Meals in Heals Collection CS125 8x8 Paper pack
  • FabScraps Meals in Heals Collection DS125 Stencil
  • FabScraps Meals in Heals Collection DcC25 1 Album
  • Cardboard 2mm thick
  • Hardboard – you can buy a ready cut piece of 6” x 10”
  • Basic tools + protractor
  • Embellishments: FabScraps MP2 004 Flat Back Pearls, flowers, fake fruit or Vegetables and a small rolling pin (available from you craft shop), ribbon in Black, Red and Pink.
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue, Bookbinding tape, foam tape/squares, double sided tape, Hot Glue gun.
  • Choice of cardstock: Pink
  • Optional: Laminator and laminating sheets
  • Misting water bottle


  1. Fussy cut the elements on the Fussy Cut sheets 008 and 009.
  2. Cut the elements from sheets 006 and 007.
  3. To make the breadbin:
    1. Cut Cardboard to the following sizes and mark as Pieces A,B,C and D:
      1. Piece A: Sides: 2 x 6” x 6’
      2. Piece B: Top: 1 x 10” x 5 1/2 “
  • Piece C: Runner: 2 x 1’ x 10’
  1. Piece D: Front Slider: 5 x 1” x 9 3/8”
  2. Piece H: Back 1 x 6” x 10”
  1. Cut Cardstock to
    1. Piece E: Front Slider cover: 1 x 8” x 9 3/8”
    2. Piece F: Runner: 2 x 3’ x 11’
  • Piece G: Front Slider backing: 1 x 7” x 9 3/8
  1. Paper C125 001
  2. On Both Pieces A, measure 1” up and right from the bottom left corner (it should make a small 1-inch square). Place the protractor pin on the intersection of the 2 1-inch lines, and draw a circle from where the pencil reaches the top of Piece A, to the right side of Piece A.  This is to create a rounding in the bin, but it is not a pie shape, so it will give you a small straight edge at the top and front of the bin.  Cut on the rounded line drawn by the protractor.
  3. Mist Piece B slightly with water. Now slowly start bending it on the short sides to curve slightly, giving you a curved rectangle to fit over the rounded sides of Piece A.
  4. Cover Pieces C with Pieces F cardstock by scoring in half on the short side, so that it leaves a ½ inch of overlapping cardstock on the one side. Cut triangular slits into this ½ inch part of the cardstock.  Slightly mist with water.  Now slowly start bending it on the long sides by sliding it between forefinger and thumb, to match the curve of Pieces A to curve slightly, giving you a curved rectangle to fit inside the rounded sides of Piece A (these will be the runners that the bin opening will slide up and down on).
  5. Glue 5 x Piece D onto one side of Piece E, leaving a ¼ inch between each piece. The best method is to glue down the first Piece D, leaving ½ inch from the side.  Then add a ¼ inch double sided tape (DST) along the Piece D, that way you have an even ¼ inch gap.  Repeat process for all 5 pieces.  Score along the edges of the outside Piece D’s so that it can fold back to cover the edges.  Remove backing of DST, fold over the cardstock to cover the edges of the outer Pieces D.  Add DST to the back and cover with Piece G.  Bend it slightly – it should bend by the ¼ inch strips where no cardboard is.  Cover the front with C125 001 paper by gluing it down and cut to size.
  6. Trace Pieces A onto desired FabScraps pattern paper from the collection, cut out and stick to the insides – to make sure you stick both on the insides, place the pieces on top of each other, matching the pattern, and then mark the insides.
  7. Trace Pieces H onto desired FabScraps paper from the collection, cut out and stick to the inside.
  8. Cut 2 more FabScraps pattern paper for Piece A and H for the outside.
  9. Assemble the Sides (A), back(H) and Top (B) to the bottom piece by taping it with bookbinding tape.
  10. Now cover the outsides of back and sides with pattern paper cut out in step (j).
  1. To make the Album.
    1. Cut the pages down to 7” x 5” – cut the side that has the holes in and bottom.
    2. Cover all the pages with papers from the 8x8 paper pack and leftover pieces from the breadbin assembly. Decorate front of each page with various fussy cut elements as desired.
    3. Add some of Pages 009 and 010 at the bottom righthand corner of the back of each page, by just gluing the right and bottom sides to form pockets for recipe cards.
    4. To make the pocket pages, for each page do the following:
      1. Piece A: Cut 1 x 8” x 5”, score ½ inch on each side of the 8” sides and fold.
      2. Piece B: Cut 1 x 7” x 5”, glue down onto the flaps of Piece A. With a thumb punch or circle punch, punch a notch into peace A in the centre of the one side to make reaching into the pocket easier.
    5. Mark the first page of the album where you want the holes for the rings.   Use this page to mark all pages to ensure holes are all even in all the pages.
    6. Assemble with the rings that was supplied with the album. Cut ribbon and tie different colours onto the rings.  Trim to be all the same length.
    7. Cut out recipe cards from FabScraps pattern papers C125 008 and add to pockets.
  2. To decorate the bread bin:
    1. Cut one of the off-cuts from the board of the album down to a strip measuring 5”.
    2. Cover in desired Pattern paper.
    3. Glue down diagonally onto the top left side of the bin with hot glue, standing up, to make a slot for the recipe cards to stand.
    4. Glue the rolling pin in line with the backing to leave a ¼ inch gap.
    5. New decorate with flowers and fruit/vegetables or any finds you have to fit the theme.
    6. Choose fuzzy cuts you want to add to the decoration, and laminate. Fussy Cut again after lamination.  This strengthens the fussy cuts and will assist in the pieces standing up.  Add the shelves and some jars and utensils to the backing, and glue some vegetables between your flowers. 
    7. Add a metal handle to the front slider.
  3. Enjoy all the wonderful recipes you are going to add to your album and happy cooking!


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