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C133 Backyard Memories Bible Journaling by Rochelle Rossouw

C133 Backyard Memories Bible Journaling by Rochelle Rossouw
C133 Backyard Memories Bible Journaling
Layout instructions
Created by Rochelle Rossouw
South Africa

For This Project You Will Need:

  • Stencil D133-01
  • Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Earth Green B-nib
  • Strips from C133 011 floral and plain
  • Chipboard Alphas CHB0004
  • Faber Castell Pitt Artist Mettalic Green 294 and Copper 252 in 1.5 nib
  • Gel Medium and a small not-sorry-for brush to apply
  • Gold foil
  • Date Stamp
  • Crossway ESV Journaling Psalter – I used Psalm 127v3-5


  1. Hold stencil firmly on page while drawing thru the stencil with your Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen in a B-nib from top to bottom, lining it up where you need to.
  2. Cut the strips from the C133 011 paper, remember to keep the little white strip – when you turn it around the colour matches perfectly with the floral pattern to finish off your borders.
  3. Stick the floral pattern border strip from very top and very bottom. Add the coral strip beneath the top and above the bottom strip.
  4. Stick down your chipboard alpha title with tombow glue.
  5. Colour the alphas alternating between the green and the copper directly onto the alphas.
  6. One by one, apply the gel medium onto the alpha over the colour, then burnish some crumpled up foil shiny side up onto the gel medium while it is still wet. Pull off and see the beautiful faux gold leaf effect.  You can reapply gel medium to seal the deal or to get a bit more gold foil on in the same way. 
  7. Stamp the date onto your page.

All Done!


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