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Double Page Interactive Layout
with an accordion mini album
Created by Bernadette Siena
South Africa

This double page interactive layout is perfect for those happy snappy camping or fishing trips, where so many moments are captured, and you want to keep them all together on one double page in your album.

For This Project You Will Need:

  • Base pages: FabScraps C141 Pattern Paper (PP) 006, 007, 008 (x2 leave barcode strip on one sheet to create flap)
  • Fussy cut sheets: FabScraps C141 Pattern Paper (PP) 009, 010
  • Sentiment sheet: FabScraps C141 Pattern Paper (PP) 011, 012(tag only)
  • Stencil: DS141 01
  • FabScraps C141 Sticker Sheet ST141 002
  • Photo Matt: FabScraps 8 x 8 paper pack (Men)
  • Cardstock for accordion mini album: Tan/rusty colour
  • Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, scoreboard and score tool
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue or any good quality glue that you have, Double sided foam tape/dots/squares
  • 4 x magnets
  • Distress Ink Ranger Forest Moss
  • Fabscraps Metal embelishments: ME2 15 Vintage Charm Chain, ME2 32 Brass Compass, Brass Filing Label
  • Photos: 
    • 6 x 4 inches: 2 photos
    • 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches: 3 photos
    • A4: 1 photo
    • 4 x 3 inches: 6 photos.
    • Matting of photos:
    • To cut photo matts, add ¼ inch to the size of the your photo size (L and W) to archive a beautifully sized photo mat. If you want to double matt your photos, add ¼ inch to the measurements of the 1st matt, and cut second matt accordingly.


  1. Fussy cut and ink the elements from the Fussy Cut PP 009 and 010.
  2. Fussy cut and ink Sentiment “One way to get”, “happiness” and border from PP011 and a tag from PP012.
  3. Ink and matt all photos, 4 x 3-inch photos are option al for matting, but will then have to be cut smaller– these will be used in the mini album, and the pages are 4 x 3 inch;
  4. Page1 (left)
    • Adhere the 4 x 6-inch matted photos directly under the top banner graphics on PP007
    • Cut 3 pieces measuring 4 x 2 inches from the tan coloured 8 x 8 page and arrage it in a staggered fashion about 1 inch from the bottom.
    • To create the banner cluster, cut, ink and mat the banner from PP011 and mat onto a blue background strip using the 8 x 8 sheets and foam tape, overlapping the strips to measure 12 inches. Do not add the foam tape edge to edge, leave a gap to allow for fussy cuts to be tucked in. Glue along the bottom, overlapping the staggered blocks.
    • Add the fussy cuts as per the photo illustration of the page, or as desired.
  • Page 2 Right Top Flap
    • Fussy cut one of PP008 along the top banner and score along the top at the barcode strip and ink edges. Fold back and burnish.
    • Fussy cut PP006 along the “torn edge”. Ink edges and glue to the back of the banner strip
    • Add 1 magnet to the centre of the page with some strong tape – can be calotape, packaging tape or double-sided tape.
    • Accordion mini album will be adhered to the front to this page when done.
    • Flip the page upwards to open. On the back of the open-ended top page, arrange the 3 ½ x 3 ½ inch matted photos and fussy cuts as per the photo illustration
  • Page 3 Right bottom
  • Cut A4 photo down to measure 11 ½ inches across. Mat with the B side of PP008 that is left from the border fussy cut strip in 5 a. Ink edges and adhere to the bottom of the page.  For a large landscape photo, you can add smaller photos on top of any white space in the photo to add more interest.  I added an additional 3 x 4-inch photo over the water part of my photo.  You can also tuck a few small fussy cuts.
  • Close the top flap and add a magnet to the back of the page with strong tape to keep the flap in place.

    • Accordion Mini Album
      • Cut the tan coloured cardstock to 6 x 12 inches.
      • Score at 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, and 7 inches on the 12-inch side.
      • Fold on the score lines to create an accordion fold, by starting with a valley fold then mountain etc. and burnish well.
      • Create a sleeve by scoring the second piece of 6 x 12 inch cardstock at 4 ½, 4 ¾, 5, 9 ½, and 9 ¾. Fold and burnish all fold lines to create a sleeve.
      • Cut 6 mini pages, sized 3 x 4 inches, from cardstock.
      • Adhere 3 mini pages to the top half of the accordion, all on the front of the mountain folds, facing to the right.
      • Now fold all the pages over to Face the left, and adhere the last 2 pages to the bottom half on the opposite side of the mountain folds, facing left.
      • When you pull the according out completely, the top pages should face to the right, and the bottom pages to the left.
      • Glue the bottom page of the accordion to the middle section of the sleeve.
      • Adhere magnets to the 2 front overlapping flaps, before decorating.
      • Matt all the pages of the accordion and sleeve.
      • Matt the tag from page PP012 with 2 extra layers of cardstock or pattern paper to make it stronger, punch a hole, add an eyelet, and glue down onto the outside cover.
      • Add the sentiment to the front-page using foam tape.
      • Add the sentiment to the inside fold.
      • Glue the accordion album to the centre of page 2 top layer, over the page 2 magnet.
      • Add the chain and charm to the tag.
      • Cut a sentiment “Enjoy Live” down to fit the file tag, glue below the accordion album to serve as a handle as well to lift the page.
    • Add stencilling on open spaces all over the layout, as per photo illustration, to create a uniformity between all the pages, using the stencil and distress ink with foam pad.

    All done!

    You can also download the notes here:




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