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Find Your Way Through That Creative Block

Find Your Way Through That Creative Block

You've all felt it right? You're sitting with the most gorgeous products you've ever seen- your knife ready to slice and dice, glue armed and ready, coordinated embellishments in arms reach and then it hits you, you have NO IDEA what to create. The fire that you had not so long ago is gone and disappointment sets in so you leave, to try again another day. 

With everything that has gone on this year it's completely natural to go through a creative block, some of our own Fab Ambassadors have even felt this way over the past couple of months and today we would like to share with you Bernadette Siena's story. 

Bernadette posed a question on the Fab Ambassadors whatsapp group, the gist of it being "Any suggestions how to lift the slump?", having all gone through the motions at different stages of lockdown and before (because you know, LIFE) everyone was quick to offer support and advice with the sole focus on don't let the worry consume you, give yourself a break and start slowly- even if it's just making a few flowers to begin with that can be used at a later stage. 

On the 12th of September we received the most fantastic post on the Fab Ambassadors Facebook group.

"With all the kind words of inspiration this week, I sat down last night and just played. Just cut a number of backgrounds, grabbed my fussy cuts and a bunch of flowers I made in the week. Ended up making 10 cards!"

Our Bernie's mojo was back and cheers equivalent to that of the 2019 Rugby World Cup could be heard in all of our heads! Bernie had to force herself to stop at 2am which meant that not only was her mojo back but that fire we all possess for our crafting was back with vengeance. 

You see, you're not alone. That creative block you may be experiencing because of Covid-19 or just because life has taken an unusual turn is experienced by everyone at all various stages of life. The point is, go easy on yourself. So what if you need to take a step back, it just means your mind is getting ready for something incredibly beautiful! 

Take a look at these beautiful cards Bernadette created after she experience her creative block:


  • Debbie Coetzee: October 14, 2020

    How beautiful ! Well done ! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story xxx

  • Marie Smith: October 08, 2020

    Thank you for sharing, Bernadette and Fabscraps.

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