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Tutorial: C116 Love Story Double Page Layout By Bernadette Siena

Tutorial: C116 Love Story Double Page Layout By Bernadette Siena
Double Page layout
- Bernadette Siena -
South Africa

For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps Love Story Collection paper range : C116 001, 002, 005 & 006
  • Adhesive: Double Sided Tape, Glue (gel glue or Glossy Accents), foam dots
  • Cardstock: Matching Pink
  • Kebab stick and water sprits bottle
  • Craft knife and fussy cut scissors
  • Water color paint or any stain ink or paint in matching pink color.
  • Embellishments: Paper flowers, bronze or brown string, Gemstones or Diamante, Glass Domes, Fine Art Stones and Micro beads



  1. Place Papers 001 and 002 side by side to form a double layout base, making sure the bottom center arrow line up.
  2. From the matching pink cardstock, cut 4 photo mats size 6 ¼ x 4 1/4 for photos sizes 6inch x 4inch and glue your photos on the photo mats.
  3. From page 005, cut out the sentiment piece “I love you more than you will know”.
  4. From the matching pink cardstock, cut a photo mat for the sentiment piece, measuring 1/8 inch wider on all 4 sides.
  5. With a fine sprits water spray bottle, slightly sprits the top left corners of the sentiment piece and its matting cardstock and roll with the kebab stick to curl the corners, curling the sentiment piece one kebab stick width more than the matting piece.  Once dry, adhere the sentiment to the matting.
  6. From page 005, fussy cut the heart in the top middle block.
  7. From page 006, cut the heart ribbon and the 3 dotted ribbons (keeping the 3 dotted ribbons as 1 piece), and cut both strips in half, at 6 inches.
  8. Measure the placement of the ribbon strips so that it is just below the 2 highest photos, and adhere the ribbon strips by placing the matching 2 x 6 inch pieces on each of the base pages 001 and 002 so that it runs across the 2 pages.
  9. Fussy cut the heart and flower image from the sentiment on page 006.
  10. Arrange the photos, placing the middle 2 photos in the center top of your double page layout, with the other 2 photos slightly lower on the outer sides of your double page layout, as per the picture, but do not glue down yet.
  11. Mark the top left corner of the far left photo, and the bottom right corner of the far right corner photo with a pencil and remove the photos.
  12. With your craft knife, cut around the images in the top left and bottom right corners, ensuring to stay within the pencil marks – this will enable the photos to slide in under the images.
  13. Adhere the photos.
  14. Arrange the sentiment in the middle of the double page, ensuring that the wording all fits on the left page so that you do not cut through the words. Mark with a pencil, and with your paper trimmer or scissors, cut the sentiment piece, and glue down the 2 pieces on each page, making sure they match up.
  15. Arrange the fussy cuts and string as per the picture and adhere with foam squares.
  16. Embellish with flowers, art stones and add some glitter and gemstones at the bottom of the page just below the heart ribbon strip. Drip some of the pink water color paint on the art stones and micro beads. Sprits with a tiny bit of water to allow the paint to run between the stones and beads.  Allow to dry or dry with a heat gun.
  17. Adhere the glass domes with gel glue or Glossy Accents.
  18. And your masterpiece is done!


  All done! Thanks for stopping by gorgeous. We hope you enjoyed this project! Leave us a comment below or tag us in your own creations 🖤                               



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