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C123 – New Beginnings Collection
Scrapbook Album Cover: “Chapter One”
Created By: Jo Phillips
South Africa


For This Project You Will Need:

FabScraps New Beginnings Collection – Paper Pack


C123-001 + 004 + 005 (x2) back & front + 009 (back & front) + 012

Brilliance – Pearlescent Crimson Ink

VersaMagic Chalk – Midnight Black

Versafine Clair Ink - Pinecone

Mounting Foam/Board

Gelly ROLL Pen - Gold

Gelly ROLL Pen - White

Gelly ROLL Pen – Red Glitter

Grey Sharpie Marker

Black Sharpie Fine Liner

Gold Sharpie Marker


Prima Metallique Wax – Aged Brass

Black Gesso

Metal Corners (x4)

Medium Hinge  (x1)

Medium Latch (x1)

2 Small Buttons + small screws

FabScraps Screw Top Brads (x7)

FabScraps ME2-18 Filigree Name Plate (x1)

Bee Charm Metal Embellishment

12”x12” grey board or cardstock

Chipboard Laser cut Flowers (x3)

Flat back Gems – champagne colour : small

Finnabair Sentiment Sticker Sheet : “ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF BECOMING”



Scissors – standard & fussy cutting

Craft Knife/Blade

Ball/Embossing Tool

Foam Matt – used with embossing tool

Double sided tape

FabScraps Clear Craft Glue

Butterfly Stamp



  1. C123-001 : FRESH START (Front)

Cut “Tree of Life” centre circle out.

Mount balance of 001 onto board, with centre circle cut out.

Cut “Ring of words” including the porthole latches out (do not cut the hinges out) – You should now have a board mounted circle frame with 2 latches (positioned at 1 o’clock & 5 o’clock).

Ink all edges with Brilliance – Pearlescent Crimson Ink.

Highlight words in circle frame with Gold Gelly ROLL Pen.

Add accent shading to latches on circle frame and outer edge of porthole visible between the flowers (base page).


**Side Note: You will use the Porthole Window Frame & the Porthole Base as a stencil, a number of times on different pages. Please complete all cutting first, before you assemble. This will save you some guesswork later 


  1. C123-005 : COURAGE & STRENGTH (Front) x2

Use 001 Circle Frame as stencil** over 005 to view the area of the page you want visible through the “porthole window”.

Draw a circle around the outer edge of the circle frame (cut complete circle, don’t need latches).

Cut circle out & adhere to circle frame (001).

Front of porthole window will have butterfly side visible and the back of the porthole window will have the brown side visible.

Highlight butterfly wings with White Gelly ROLL Pen.

Highlight and shade accent areas on flowers (White & Red Glitter Gelly ROLL Pens + Black & Grey Sharpie Markers).

Measure twine (2 pieces) 1 around the inner circle and 1 around the outer circle of the porthole window hatch (including the latches).

Colour twine with Prima Metallique Wax – allow to dry.


Use 001 Base Page - Porthole (bigger circle) as another stencil** on the second 005 page.

When cutting it out, cut 5mm bigger than your stencil line to allow for the glue line.


Cut an 8.5x5cm matt to use on the “Chapter One” Title.


  1. AGED BRASSING EFFECT (All embellishments & hardware)

All embellishments (regardless of material – metal/plastic/wood) were given an aged brass effect to make them all look the same and give the “Porthole” a grungy weathered look.

Paint all embellishments with Black Gesso. Dry.

Apply Prima Metallique Wax – Aged Brass, with your fingers, lightly rubbing highlighted areas and leaving the recessed areas black. Dry.


Place 2 small screws (or 1 if your button only has 1 hole) into the button holes and secure with glue.

I used buttons & screws as that is what I had available in my stash.


  1. C123-012 : SENTIMENT 2

Fussy cut “New Beginnings” in floral wreath.

Fussy cut Quote “Just when the caterpillar…” with floral wreath.

Fussy cut the 2 butterflies from the same quote above.

Ink outer edges with a Gold Sharpie Marker.

Emboss (gently) flowers & inner edge of wreath with ball tool & foam matt to create depth.

Highlight and shade accent areas on wreath & flowers (White Gelly ROLL Pens + Black & Grey Sharpie Markers).


  1. C123-009 : FUSSY CUT 1

Fussy cut the nymph and the flowers she is sitting on – ink edges with Gold Sharpie Marker.

Emboss flowers & nymph silhouette with ball tool & foam matt to create depth.

Highlight and shade accent areas on nymph & flowers (White & Red Glitter Gelly ROLL Pens + Black & Grey Sharpie Markers).


Fussy Cut 1 (back) Turn the page over and using the porthole window frame (001) as a stencil** draw the inner & outer circle.

This will give you another circle frame that goes on the inside of the hatch later.

Ink edges & stamp (butterfly) with Versafine Clair Ink- Pinecone.


  1. C123-004 : FRESH LIFE

Using a picture of wings (source: the interwebs) I found online, I printed them and used them as a template to fussy cut the wings.

(Remember to mirror the image so you have a left & right wing).

Use the ball tool & foam matt to add depth & interest to the wings. Ink the edges & embossed areas with VersaMagic Chalk – Midnight Black.

The white dots (Gelly Roll Pen – White) and flat back Gems (Champagne) add a magical feel.

Use a black/grey marker to create a shadow behind the body of the nymph where the wings attach to the body.

Put double sided foam tape behind the now complete fairy on her flower throne.


Use the Filigree Name Plate as a template and create a matt board with a 4mm edge. Ink the edge with Midnight Black Chalk.

Now use matt board 004 as a template on C123-005 Matt Board (brown side) with a 4mm border.

Cut out and adhere Name plate to 004 – put a screw top brad in each hole and fold pins behind 1st matt. Trim if necessary.

Adhere all to 005 matt and apply double sided foam to the back of the title Name Plate cluster.

Add bee (or similar) charm to cluster.



Porthole Base

Adhere Base circle (005) brown side up, to the board mounted base page.

Insert 3x Screw Top brads (aged brass) into porthole base and fold pins to the back.

Attach hinge (left) with Screw top brads to outer rim of porthole base & fold the pins back. Check position.

Stick base page down to 12”x12” grey scrapbook board/cardstock. Ink all the edges with Midnight black chalk.

Adhere Brass waxed metal corners to each corner of the page.

Place fairy to the centre of porthole base & adhere with d/sided foam tape.

Stick laser-cut flowers to the left & right of fairy.

Add laser cut flower to the centre between the wings, with quote & fussy cut butterfly to complete the cluster.


Porthole Window – outer

Window frame onto 005 – butterfly side up.

“New beginnings” (012) wreath to the right of the butterfly.

Brass waxed twine to the inside circle – this adds a brassy element but also hides the open edge of the mounting board.

Add brass waxed hardware elements.

Hinges to the left – I used screw top brads to attach the hinges as the screws that came with the hinge were too long and went through the board.

Line up latch closure on the right, these screws were short, so I used them to attach.

Adhere button embellishments to “porthole latches”.


Porthole Window – inner

Adhere inked butterfly frame (009) to inside of porthole window. This should cover any screw backings used to attach hardware on the front.

Place inked quote wreath (012) in the center with the fussy cut butterfly.


Close the porthole window on the porthole base so the “porthole latches” are lined up.

Attach the other side of the brass waxed latch (hardware) last, to ensure the window is lined up correctly.

Open the window and adhere the 2nd piece of brass waxed twine to outer edge of the window frame, from hinge to latch at the bottom and then hinge to latch at the top.

Close the hatch.

Lastly, add the “Chapter One” title cluster on the bottom right between the metal corner and the “window latch”.


Thank you for taking part in another FABulous adventure!

Take care,



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