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End of the Journey
Created by Bernadette Siena
South Africa


For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps Circle of Life Patterned Paper (C126) 002, 005. 006, 007, 009, 010, 011, 012;
  • FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky x 2;
  • FabScraps Metal Charms;
  • FabScraps Flat Back Pearls and Diamante;
  • Craft Cardstock x 3;
  • Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, scoreboard and bone folder, craft knife and ruler;
  • Embellishments: flowers (I made mine from the Fabscraps cardstock and punched from the off-cuts from the fussy cutting sheets);
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue, foam tape/squares, double sided tape, Hot Glue gun (optional); and
  • Ranger Forrest Moss Distress Ink.
  • Photos:
    • 1 x A4
    • 2 x A6
    • Several, as desired, that can go into the pocket on page 1 under the flaps.



  1. Fussy cut the elements on the Fussy Cut PP 009 and 010.
  2. Cut the Sentiments you would like to add to your pages, from PP 011 and 012. You will need 1 for the fish tail banner and one for the photo pocket.
  3. Page 1 Flap: Using C126 005:
    1. Fussy cut the centre of the wreath. Glue down on 12x12 craft cardstock and fussy cut again.  This is to strengthen the page as it will be handled a lot when opening.  And to fussy cut through one layer is easier, so I find it easier to cut, stick and cut again, but you can glue the full page onto craft and fussy cut once if you find that easier.
    2. Cut ½ inch off the top of the page so that the page measures 11 ½ inches.
    3. Score the left edge at ½ inch and fold back, burnishing with a bonefolder.
    4. Ink edges with Forrest Moss Distress Ink.
  4. Page 1 Backing: Using C126 007 B side:
    1. Cut down to measure 12 x 12 inches.
    2. On the left side, cut a slit down, measuring 11 ½ inches, ¼ inch from the side and ¼ inch from the top.
    3. Slide Page 1 Flap ½ inch scored lip through the slit and glue down at the back.
  5. Page 1 Photo Flap:
    1. Cut A4 photo down to 8 x 11 inches.
    2. Cut craft cardstock to 8 ½ x 12 inches.
    3. On the 12-inch side, score ½ inch from the side (down the 8-inch side) so that it makes a top folding flap.
    4. Cut a photo mat from FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky measuring 8 ¼ x 11 ¼.
    5. On the top edge of the Page 1 Backing, cut another slit ¼ inch from the top, measuring 8 ½ inches long.
    6. Slide the craft flap lip into the slit and glue to the back of the page.
    7. Mat the photo and glue down onto the flap.
    8. Glue the Page 1 Backing onto another 12 x 12 craft cardstock. This will ensure the page is re-enforced for the movement of the flaps.
  6. Photo pocket on Page 1, under all the flaps:
    1. From page C126 002, cut a matt measuring 8 x 6 inches.
    2. From FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky, cut a matt measuring 8 ¼ x 6 ¼ inches.
    3. Cut craft cardstock to 9 ¼ x 8 ¾.
    4. With the 8 ¾ side along the top of the scoreboard, score ½ inch from the left.
    5. With the 9 ¼ side along the top of the scoreboard, score ½ inch from left and from right.
    6. Mitre the corners where the core markings cross.
    7. Fold back and burnish the scores.
    8. Matt the papers cut in steps a and b, and add a sentiment panel of your choice. I cut mine a bit smaller than the original size, about a ¼ inch from the top and bottom, and only glued 3 sides, forming another pocket, this way I can add more photos on sentiments.
    9. Glue the pocket down onto page 1, under all the flaps. You can fill this pocket with more sentiment panels as photo matts and photo matts cut from CC 018 cardstock.
  7. Page 2:
    1. Cut another photo matt from C126 002 paper, measuring 8 6 inches. Ink the edges.
    2. Cut 2 photo matts from FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky, measuring 7 7/8 x 3 7/8 inches. Ink the edges.
    3. Cut photos to 3 ¾ x 5 ¾ and matt with CC 0018 matt. Ink the edges.
    4. Glue both down onto the C126 002 paper cut in step a, leaving boarders between and around the 2 photos.
    5. Glue down onto the centre of the page.
  8. Decorate the pages with fussy cuts, flowers, pearls, metal charms and diamante, as in the photo, or as desired.


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