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A Fairy Garden
Created by Bernadette Siena
South Africa


For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps C127 Take a Moment Paper (PP) 001, 002. 003, 004, 010, 011, 012 (depending on the size of your book, you might need more paper to decorate);
  • FabScraps Metal Charms and Brads(the brads that has the ring to allow you to hang charms from);
  • FabScraps Flat Back Pearls and Diamante;
  • Old Hardcover Book;
  • Tiny Fairy figurine;
  • Resin Frame;
  • Gold/Bronze/Silver paint;
  • Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, hole punch;
  • Embellishments: ribbon, twine, flowers (I made mine from the Fabscraps Pattern Paper and tiny flowers punched from the off-cuts from the fussy cutting sheets), matching bulldog clips (can be upcycled as well to match);
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue, Hot Glue gun, Mod Podge; and
  • Mixed media stones, glitter, glass domes.
  • Photos:
    • This book is designed to hold as many photos as desired. I used Page 011 and 012 sentiment cards and tags to adhere photos at the back.  I used mine for my fairy garden photos, but you can change the theme, like just garden, or home improvements or just family memories.



  1. Measure the cover of the book. Cut page 002 the same Hight as the book. Cover the spine and back of the book with a generous amount of Mod Podge.  Start adhering page 2 from the spine, smoothing it out to cover the back of the book.  I made sure the metal charm image is in the centre of the spine.  Cover the remaining paper at the end of the back of the book with Mod Podge and fold in to the inside of the back cover.
  2. Cut paper 004 to the size of the front cover (from the right side of the paper to show the boots). I cut it a bit wider, so that the rain boots are snug in the right-hand corner, and a little bit of the paper folds over to the inside cover. Smooth out to make sure there are no air bubbles.  This can be done using your fingers, a rule or a squeegee type tool.
  3. Choose papers that you want for the inside covers, cut to size and glue to the inside of the front and back covers.
  4. Punch a hole in the spine and adhere the brad.
  5. It is advisable to decorate your outside page at this stage:
  6. Glue the fairy inside the resin frame. Adhere your flowers on the front cover as in the pictures or as desired, leaving an opening to adhere the frame top and bottom to the flowers.  Because the fairy is a bit bulky, you will need some hight for the frame to adhere to.  Decorate as desired with mixed media products.
  7. Book folding:
    1. Start in the middle of the book:
    2. Page 1: fold the page lengthwise in half, so the outer edge is folded in towards the spine. Now fold the top outer corner, where it is folded, in towards the spine to create a triangle.
    3. Page 2: fold the bottom corner in towards the spine, to create a triangle, then fold the top corner in towards the spine to create another triangle at the top. The page should now have a triangular shape pointing outwards
    4. Repeat this pattern to the right and the left from the middle of the book, until you have folded enough pages to form a little fairy house.
    5. To make the door and window, cut some frames from the doors from the fussy cut page 010 – add an additional ½ inch extra to the left side to fold and adhere to the inside of one of the folded pages so that the pages can still move, and the door and windows are not preventing the book folding pages to be restricted.
  8. Once you have enough pages folded to form a nice shaped fairy house, you can decorate the inside pages on either side of the fairy house with papers 001 and 003 – or any of the other papers if you so whish.
  9. Using your fingers (as this works much better than a brush), rub some of the gold/silver/bronze paint around the edges of the book cover and your decorated inner pages. Press the pages together and rub paint on the outside of the pages – very lightly, as you don’t want a lot of paint seeping into the pages, as that will cause them to stick together.
  10. You can now create as many tags as you want, to insert between the folded pages – if pushed in deep, it will stay in place and will not fall out. I created several tags and matts, punched holes in the centre top and re-enforced the holes with hole re-enforcements punched from the off-cuts and added ribbons and twine.
  11. You can also decorate random unfolded pages, even do some art journaling pages with some of your photos. The possibilities are endless.  I also created a pocket on the inside of the back cover to hold photos that must be placed on tags – and ready-made tags as my fairy garden expand, and I want to add more photos. That way, you can use up most of your paper and not have to go search for matching paper every time you want to add photos. Mostly, have fun with this project.



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