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Tutorial: C128 Life Stories Book Case Album by Bernadette Siena

Tutorial: C128 Life Stories Book Case Album by Bernadette Siena
Off the Page:  Book Case Album
Created by Bernadette Siena
South Africa

 For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps Life Stories Collection C128 papers: 001 to 012
  • FabScraps Life Stories Collection DS128 02 Script Stencil
  • Cardboard 2mm thick (also called mount board)
  • Basic tools
  • Embellishments:
    • FabScraps MP2 02 – Pink Flat Back Diamante;
    • Flowers;
    • Fabscraps Metal ebelishments: E7 50 – Book& ME2 33- The world;
    • Round Pearls;
    • a metal Handle and suitcase catch (you can use ME2 41-Catch – I just did not have any in stock);
    • metal feet.
  • Mixed Media: Art Stones, Water colour, glass beads, mod podge, matt brown wax, white gold metallic wax
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue for adhering photo mounts and photos, foam tape/squares, double sided tape, Hot Glue gun, strong non-tacky glue or gel medium to glue pieces together during assembly.
  • Choice of cardstock: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green
  • Craft Cardstock
  • Wax
  • Distress Oxide
  • Misting water bottle


  1. Fussy cut the elements on the Fussy Cut sheets 009 and 010.
  2. Cut the booklet from sheet 011.
  3. To make the suitcase:
    1. Cut Cardboard to the following sizes and mark as Pieces A, and B:
      1. Piece A: Inside backing support: 2 x 6 ¼” x 9 ¼”
      2. Piece B: Inside side panels: 3 x 2” x 12“
    2. Cut Craft Cardstock to following sizes and mark as Pieces C, and D:
      1. Piece C: 2 x 6 ½” x 9 ½”
      2. Piece D: 3 x 2” x 12“
    3. Using any of your product containers with a round lid: place the lid on the corners of one of the long sides of Pieces A and C. Mark with pencil and cut the corners to form a rounded corner. This will form the rounded top of your suitcase.
    4. Score all 3 Pieces D on the long side at ½” and fold and burnish with bone folder.
    5. Starting with one of the Piece D strips, place the 1/2” fold under Piece C at the bottom long end (the non-rounded end) and glue down all the way to the corner.
    6. Mitre the corner by cutting a V shape so that it can shape around the square corner.
    7. Score the strip at the corner to be able to form a crisp fold.
    8. Now fold and run the strip D along the side edge of the Piece C. Marking with a pencil the beginning and end of the rounded corners.
    9. Cut small V shapes on the ½” section between the 2 marks where the strip D will go around the corner. This will ensure that the piece, when glued down, will form a nice rounded corner.  Continue around both Pieces C with the strips (Pieces D) in the same manner, overlapping with about ½” where the strips need to be joined.
    10. Cover the outside of the suitcase lids with your choice of pattern paper. To cover the sides, cut your strips a bit wider that the sides of the lid, and then fold inwards so that you have a beautifully rounded off edge.  You have to cut some V shapes again on the rounded corners before folding the pattern paper in and glue it down.  This will ensure a nice rounded corner.
    11. Seal with mod podge.
    12. With your choice of Distress Oxide, ink one side of Pieces A and B (inside hardboard)
    13. Starting with the strips (Pieces B), glue down on the inside of the suitcase lids made in steps c) to i) – with the inked sides showing. But do not overlap the hardboard pieces, just let it join flush with the previous pieces.
    14. Before gluing the inside panels (Pieces A), first fit into the inside of the suitcase lids to ensure the fit properly. Cut down a bit if required.  Now glue it down on the inside of the suitcase lids..
  4. Concertina inserts:
    1. Score 5 x 12” Craft Cardstock at the following:
      1. Side 1: 1/2:”, 1”, 1 1/2” (3 scores ½” apart)
      2. Rotate Cardstock 180 degrees and score the opposite side of point i) the same as point i).
  • Rotate cardstock 90 degrees (score lines i) are now at the top and bottom)
  1. Score cardstock at 5 ¾, 6, 6 ¼
  1. On the 5 ¾ score line, cut in up to the 1 1/2” score line and then cutting down the 1/ ½” score line, removing 6 ¼” strip, on both sides.
  2. Now fold and burnish all score lines.
  3. Create Valley folds for all score lines but folding them in first, then out, and then in again.
  4. Glue side folds the opposite side to form a pocket.
  5. Ink the side and bottom Valley folds with distress oxide. (you can ink before gluing the pocket together if it is easier)
  6. Glue all 5 pockets together, to form a concertina.
  1. Assembling the Suitcase:
    1. Cut Cardboard to the following sizes and mark as Pieces E
      1. Piece E: Inside backing support: 1 x 3” x 9”
    2. Cover Piece E with desired pattern paper (off-cuts can be used).
    3. Add double sided tape and strong adhesive to the bottom section of the concertina insert.
    4. Glue down onto the centre of Piece E.
    5. Allow to set and dry. (I used small pegs/clips to hold the pieces in place while they are drying)
    6. Once dry, slowly bend the 1” sections of hardboard on either side of the concertina inserts inwards and outwards to form a leaver.
    7. Glue these 1” sides to the inside bottom (non-rounded) of the suitcase lids. You will have to use small pegs/clips to hold the pieces in place while they are drying.  Adhere one side first, let it set and dry, and then adhere the other side.
  2. Decorating
    1. Once all parts are dry and the assembly is complete, you can adhere the handle, the catch and the metal feet. Use strong non-tacky glue or gel medium.
    2. Adhere some crackle past through the stencil on the top lid of your suitcase. Allow to dry.
    3. Adhere the book tower(cut to size) and book stack fussy cut elements on the side edge of the top lid, using 3 layers of double sided tape, so that is curves around the edge and it has room to arrange some flowers halfway underneath to make a well balanced cluster.
    4. Continue adding flowers and embellishments with hot glue gun.
    5. Paint the charm, chain and resin embellishment with matte brown wax and then lightly apply a white gold wax to the raised areas to accentuate. Adhere as per the photos on top and behind the flowers with hot glue gun.
  3. Cut 5 x 6” x 83/4 inch pieces from craft cardstock.
  4. Round 2 corners on the long side.
  5. Cover with your desired pattern paper and add photo matts from your choice of colour cardstock.
  6. Insert into the concertina slots.
  7. Finally, make a little booklet from all the off-cuts, using the booklet fussy cut element as the cover, to add to the inside of the lid.
  8. Glue one of the book strips to the inside of the lid - you can raise it a bit by making 2 folds on each side, on a book edge. Add a strip of hardboard behind the book strip to keep it sturdy.

 I hope you enjoyed making this suit case as much as I did.


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