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To help stem the  Covid-19 virus we have taken to wearing face masks and carrying hand sanitiser but in the Victorian era they carried Tussie Mussies, a highly scented cone sometimes made of metal filled with herbs and flowers which they believed would ward off the plague as well as disguise the stench in the streets and people around them who did not bathe as often as we do. Today the Tussie Mussie survives as a popular wedding accessory and often includes a sprig of Myrtle known as the herb of love.

Supplies required:

Fabscraps paper- 1 sheet of C128 004

Cameo embellishments E5 010

Fabscraps Cream silk ribbon roses

Coordinating Fabscraps cardstock – dark green, mauve and purple

Die cut small flowers and leaves

Wooden skewers about 6-7 inches long

Chalk paint – tea cup green

Pale mauve ribbon

Pieces of lace and a selection of beads

Rolled music paper

Fabscraps hat pins

Fabscraps flat backed pearls – lots of them !

Silver chain

Scissors, glue and double sided tape

Piece of florist’s dried flower foam


  1. Diagonally cut the full sheet of 004 – if you want a sturdier cone fold the paper in half diagonally and stick together before rolling into the cone. I used the reverse side for the outside of the cone.
  2. Hold the triangle with the long side at the bottom and the patterned side up and roll from the left bottom corner to make a cone. You can either roll it so the edges meet at the back or overlapping then cut off the excess to give a nice rounded edge
  3. Glue lace round the inside of cone – pre gathered lace is easier to use.
  4. Glue a different lace round the outside of the top of the cone ( I used a green that already had double sided tape on the back). At this stage you decide whether you want to add a chain so it can be hung up. This could be attached to the middle top edge or the sides of the cones. Alternatively, it would look good in a glass vase or just laid on a table. The Victorians had little 3 legged stands that they would place the Tussie Mussie into when sitting down for tea.
  5. Glue the chain in scallops around the cone over the lace then thread beads using cotton and either glue or sew on between each scallop,
  6. Glue the thin ribbon round the cone in a spiral. Note: space the ribbon out so that you end up with 3 spaces to place the cameos ( refer to picture) Then adhere small flat backed pearls, evenly spaced onto the ribbon.
  7. Stick the cameos onto scrap paper slightly bigger than the cameo, then adhere silver beads around each one.
  8. Stick the cameos down the front of the Tussie .Mmussie – I used a glue gun as it is stronger than liquid glue.
  9. Die cut some leaf sprays and small flowers. I took some twigs from the garden as a stem but you can use the skewers pre-painted with chalk paint. Stick the leaf sprays around the skewer then attach a few small flowers to the leaves.
  10. Lavender stems. Cut pieces of 2 inch x 6 inch from the mauve and purple card stock. Along the long side fold over ¾” then with the fold towards you snip to just below the edge of the folded piece at 1/8th Place double sided tape along the top of the piece so it overlaps the folded piece. Remove the tape and holding the paper strip in your left hand with the double sided tape towards you and the snipped edge on the left take a skewer holding it at an angle and starting at the top, roll the paper round the skewer so the flower fronds are evenly spaced down the skewer. Cut two leaf shapes approx. 3” long and glue to base of flower.
  11. Glue a few of the ribbon roses to skewers.
  12. Place the florists foam inside the cone and then have fun arranging your flowers, leaves, hat pins or whatever else takes your fancy.

 This idea would be lovely for all different occasions and the size could altered to suit – Easter filled with mini eggs, Mothers day filled with mini toiletries or a gift voucher in among the flowers…. The possibilities are endless…. Simple non embellished ones would be super for a kids party filled with popcorn!!

I am going to use mine for my Hat pin collection so added a few to go with the Fabscraps ones….




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