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Tutorial: C130 Reckless Beauty Bible Journaling by Rochelle Rossouw

Tutorial: C130 Reckless Beauty Bible Journaling by Rochelle Rossouw
Bible Journaling
Created by Rochelle Rossouw
South Africa

For This Project You Will Need:

  • C130-010 fussy cuts
  • Decorative Tape Runner Brown FabScraps
  • 8x8 double sided paper FabScraps
  • Lights DS130-001 Stencil
  • Clear Sticker ST130-001
  • Champagne mist All-Purpose Ink and Fantastix
  • Small Fan Watercolour Brush
  • Faber-Castell Gelatos Gold Champagne and Iced Coffee
  • Oval Foundation Contour Make-Up Brush
  • Caran D’Ache textured palette
  • Scissors and FabScraps Craft Glue G4-014
  • Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Dark Sepia M & S nib
  • White pencil
  • Date Stamp
  • Corner Punch
  • Me016 FabScraps letters
  • Crossway ESV Journaling Psalter – I used Psalm 94



  1. Use the decorative tape runner in random spots on the bible page. The idea is not to have it a perfect strip of washi, but more like a distressed random pieces.  Because my bible had pages done underneath this helped because the tape runner did not make contact perfectly.
  2. Next using the Lights stencil and two shades of metallic Gelatos with a foundation make-up brush, stencil the images in random areas over the page.
  3. Tear the 8x8 paper into thin strips for the very left edge of the layout and then slightly larger strips for the right edge of the layout (because my words are on the left side)
  4. Stick the torn strips down in 2 layers, floral on outer edges and solid underneath towards inners.
  5. Stick down one of the bigger floral cut outs on the broader torn strips – I cut mine using a bit of a white border, but toned it down by edging it with the make-up brush and gelatos.
  6. Stick down a floral from the large clear sticker sheet towards the passage side. The great thing about these clear stickers is that they melt into your page, and you are still able to read the words through it.
  7. I added the cute 2 parrots on top of the large floral piece and used the Fantastix with the Champagne mist All Purpose Ink to add some shimmer to these birds.
  8. I messily wrote the reference passages with a Dark Sepia Pitt artist pen in between the distressed tape runner.
  9. I mixed a little bit of the Champagne Mist All Purpose ink with the brown gelatos left over on my palette and first splattered a bit and then picked up some with my finger and smeared it in between my messy writing and distressed tape runner pieces.
  10. I used the metal alphabet pieces as a type of embossing piece by spelling out the words “Do not worry” – the metal is a little heavy for a bible page, so I used the left over 8x8 paper and a white pencil to scribble over the page with the metal pieces underneath so that the image of the words transferred onto or embossed on the paper. I cut these out and placed them on my layout as a title.
  11. Remember to date stamp your page, so that you can later on look through your journey.

 All Done!


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  • Cathie Jack: May 25, 2021

    Wow thank you for the video on Bible journalling,
    I have done this in a very small way in my Bible where it has space .
    Now I see I need a Bible with a blank side.
    I live in New Zealand, can you recommend the name of a company that prints these journalling Bibles?

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