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The C130 Reckless beauty collection is ideal for a wide variety of paper crafting projects, to celebrate beauty – beautiful people, beautiful events, beautiful memories, beauty in they garden, etc. the floral elements in this collection, off-set against the various pretty background papers.

This folio album features two flaps for photos on the left hand and two flaps with pop-up frames on the right-hand. Although small, the folio can take 10 photos.

 For This Project You Will Need:

  1. C130 paper collection
  2. FabScraps white glue
  3. Cream cardstock
  4. 221x21cm Cover for the folio with 2cm spine, as for mini-albums (video tutorial for making a cover available
  5. Stamped/heat-embossed flowerpot/urn
  6. Heat-embossed small leaves and fillers
  7. Heat-embossed title for the cover


  1. Adhere printed papers and embellishments to the front cover.
  2. Embellish the front of the cover.

Create a top-folding flap by cutting cream cardstock 16 cm wide and 17cm      high. Score at 1cm from the top. Fold this back and adhere 1 cm folded-back part to the back of a piece of printed paper that is cut 5 mm narrower and 5mm shorter than the inside cover. Adhere printed papers to the front and back of the flap.

NOTE: Photo above shows the complete left-hand inside, with the two flaps.

  1. Create a right-hand flap by cutting a piece of cream cardstock 15cm wide x 14 cm high. Score at 1 cm from the right-hand and fold back on this score line. Adhere the 1 cm-fold to the back of they printed paper as in step 2 above.
  2. Adhere this piece to the left inside cover of the folio.
  3. Adhere a piece of printed paper, 5mm narrower and shorter than the inside of the cover, to the inside back of the cover.
  4. Create two pop-up flaps for the right-hand of the folio. Do this by cutting firm cream cardstock 34cm x 14 cm. in landscape orientation, score this cardstock at 16cm, 17cm, 31cm and 32 cm.
  5. Fold as shown: (The taller part forms the flap while the shorter part gets the opening (aperture) through which a photo can be seen, as if behind a frame).
  1. Cut out an aperture (opening) in the front part (shorter part).
  2. Adhere a piece of printed paper to the inside back of the pop-up flap.
  3. Apply glue and stick down the top part to the back.
  4. Embellish the front of the pop-up flap with printed papers or fussy-cut elements.
  5. Apply glue to the bottom of the pop-up flap and adhere this pop-up flap to the right-hand inside of the folio, approximately 1,5 cm from the top.

Adhere the second pop-up flap to the inside right-hand under the first pop-up flap.



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  • Janis: May 07, 2021

    This is such a lovely album. Simply beautiful, and shows the paper off to its best without taking away from the spaces fro the photos. Whoever gets this album will be very pleased, and if you made it for yourself, then I know you are pleased as well. <3

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