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Tutorial: C130 Reckless Beauty Mother's Day Card By Bernadette Siena

Tutorial: C130 Reckless Beauty Mother's Day Card By Bernadette Siena
C130 Reckless Beauty
Mother’s Day Card
Created by Bernadette Siena
South Africa


For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps C130 Reckless Beauty Paper (PP) 003, 012.
  • FabScraps Metal Charms;
  • FabScraps Flat Back Pearls and Diamante;
  • Fabscraps Cardstock: Army Green;
  • Gold or Rose Gold Mirror Board;
  • Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, hole punch;
  • Embellishments: ribbon, twine, flowers;
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue, Hot Glue gun; and



  1. Cut a 12 x 12-inch Army Green Cardstock down to 6 x 12 inches.
  2. On the 12-inch side, score at 1 inch, 6 inch and 11 inches.
  3. Fold in half on the 6-inch score line.
  4. With a pencil, mark ½ inch in from the sides, on the score line.
  5. Draw a line from the ½ inch pencil marks on the score line, to the 1-inch score line. Cut on the pencil line. (this creates the flower pot shape)
  6. Fold back (towards the outside) the 2 1-inch sections to form the rim of the flower pot
  7. Cover the flower pot “body” with pattern paper from page 003.
  8. Glue 2 rows of ribbon on the flower rim, starting about 1 inch from the front right side, all the way around, meeting again at the 1-inch mark. This will keep the “pot” closed, so that the insert will stay in place.
  9. Cut the left-over piece of Armie Green cardstock down to 5 ½ x 6 inches.
  10. Round the top corners with a corner round punch and punch a tag hole in the top centre (this is optional if you want the insert to be a tag)
  11. Cut the sentiment from page 012. Mat with gold or rose gold mirror board and adhere to the front of the tag.
  12. Insert the tag into the flower pot.
  13. Decorate by adding flowers to the pot rim and the part of the tag that is protruding from the flower pot, taking great care to not glue anything down covering both the pot and the tag, so that the tag can still be removed from the pot. Add any other embellishments to your liking.
  14. Gift it to a very special mom, mom-in-law, step mom or any special lady that is celebrating Mother’s day.


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