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It seems as if the collections always come just at the right time. This month, I had to hear that my little baby girl is leaving for France on 15 April. Tickets booked. Off my baby goes, spreading her wings. And although her mommy is extremely proud of her, mommy is crying her eyes out.  

These photos are 2 highlights in her career at British Airways. The photo on the left is when she was chosen to wear the BA Ambassador attire when Megan Markel came to SA, and she was Megan's escort on the flight. The photo on the right, was when she just started, and completed her training at BA. The collection speaks of utmost beauty, being a woman, and being an ambassador wherever you go, for all us women. Absolutely in love with the line drawings.

I posted a video on YouTube as well- check it out here: 


For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps C137 Just Breathe Pattern Paper (PP)003,004007B,008,004,009, 010, 011, 012
  • FabScraps Metal Charms from Fab Box;
  • FabScraps Stencil DS137-01;
  • FabScraps Chipboard Album DC137-01 (first 2 pages)
  • FabScraps Co-Ordinated Cardstock (8x) from Fab Box or any of the other papers in the collection;
  • Black cardstock – about 3 – 4 sheets;
  • Metallic texture paste – I used Prima Icing Paste
  • Silver Wax;
  • Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, palate knife, poking tool or small hole punch, Score tool;
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue or any good quality glue that you have; and
  • Black Distress Ink – to match your paper selection.
  • Photos:
    • 2 extra-large photos;
    • 2 photos measuring 4 x 4 inches, and more can be added to the tuck spot and chipboard album.


  1. Fussy cut the elements on the Fussy Cut PP 009 and 010.
  2. Left Page:
    • Cover the front of page 2 of the chipboard album with PP008 – leaving a ½ inch strip to the left side to be folded over, fussy cut, then cover back with matching 8 x 8 paper (or any other paper from the collection). Ink with black distress ink.
    • Stencil the silver paste, using stencil DS137-01 on the back of page 2 of the chipboard album.
    • Cover back of page 1 of the chipboard album with leftover of PP008. Fussy cut and ink.
    • Use any leftover pieces to add a strip of pattern paper to the left of page 1 front, again leaving a ½ inch strip to the left to adhere to main page.
    • Cover rest of page 1 pf the chipboard album font with silver wax.
    • To add the face to the centre of the metal embellishment frame, place on one of the tags on PP012, draw the outline of the frame with pencil, and cut just a bit smaller than the pencil marking so that it does not stick out the sides of the frame. Add adhesive to the inner back of the frame and adhere the cut-out to the back.  Using your finger, lightly rub the back of the cut-out to form a dome – this will give it a little bit of dimension. Adhere to the centre of page 1 c=of the chipboard album and add some butterflies.
    • Adhere the chipboard album to PP003 by scoring down the back of the album edge, on the ½ inch strips, fold back and adhere to the back of page PP003, centering it vertically.
    • Adhere one of the extra-large photos to page 1 – positioning it where you like the album pages to overlap.
    • Fussy cut the silhouette from PP007 and glue to bottom right corner of page 1.
    • Optional: run Stickles glitter glue on the silhouette lines to make it pop.
    • Add some more flower embellishments with a metal embellishment background as per photo.
  3. Right Page:
    • Fussy cut PP004 – as per photo, to have the flowers and silhouette on the right side of the PP and ink with black distress ink. Matt with black cardstock, placing the PP that you just fussy cut, on the left side of the black cardstock and fussy cut again, leaving about 1 to 2 mm edge of black cardstock.
    • Cut the right side with ½ inch of black border and score down the side of the PP to form a fold.
    • Mat photos with matching cardstock. (you can also ink the photos with black distress ink, to give it a smoky look)
    • Adhere one of the extra-large matted photos behind the fussy cut section – just enough so that none of the right photo edges show, and enough to glue it together.
    • Cover the metal embellishments with silver wax and allow to dry. Cover with a second coat if necessary.
    • Make a hole at the bottom of the PP004 with a poking tool or a small hole punch.
    • Put the brad in the centre of the circle shape metal embellishment, then through the hole and open the back.
    • Back the whole section, with photo and fussy cut edge, onto PP007B with the flower strips running vertical and fussy cut the edge again.
    • Cut a strip from the left-over PP007B, and fussy cut the left edge, mat on black cardstock, and fussy cut again.
    • Tear the leftover of PP004 down to remove the fussy cut edge, ink and adhere to the left side of a 12 x 12-inch black cardstock.
    • You can also cut strips with any of the Page 1 and 2 leftovers to add to the bottom of page 2 to blend in.
    • Adhere the flower strip to the right of the black cardstock, but only glue on the edge, so that it makes a tuck spot to add more photos.
    • Stencil the silver paste, using stencil DS137-01 on the visible black. Allow to dry.
    • Adhere the first page (PP004) to the black cardstock page by folding the strip on the score line back, and glue to the back of the black cardstock page.
    • Add fussy cut elements and tags as per photo, , making sure when the interactive page closes, it does not overlap too much, and the fussy cuts form a frame for the interactive section.
    • Add 4 x 4-inch photos and flower embellishments
    • Add 2 of the 4 x 6 sentiment behand the photo on the interactive page.
  4. To place left page in an album sleeve, cut a square in the left sleeve front the size with a craft knife (pacing a small self-healing mat inside the sleeve so that it does not cut the back of the sleeve.
  5. To place right page in album, cut the right-side edge open. Add some double-sided tape squares to the left front corners to ensure the page does not slip out of the sleeve, and you can still reach the tuck spot to add more photos and remove to look at.


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