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The light and airy colors used in the C138 Juicy Summers Collection immediately inspired me to work with acetate to echo the airiness of the paper design.

I prefer square cards, since the size provides a lot more area to play with. I decided to keep the card plain and simple to highlight the airiness.

One can always add a sentiment to the card, but I preferred focusing only on the fussy cut elements. Adding a bit of clear glitter always adds some playfulness to a design. I prefer using glitter paste, since I always end up with glitter EVERYWHERE when I use loose glitter.

For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps C138 Juicy Summers Pattern Paper 007, 008, 009, 012
  • A4 sheet of acetate/transparency
  • White cardstock
  • Fine tip white permanent marker
  • Square nesting “stitched” dies or other nesting square dies (you can also measure out squares for the frame and cut using a craft knife
  • Foam tape
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue or any good quality glue that you have
  • Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, ruler, scoreboard
  • Clear glitter paste, glitter paint or glitter glue
  • Fine paintbrush


  1. Fussy cut the floral arrangement on the card element with the “LOVE is a condition…” card element on C138 012.
  2. Fussy cut the floral border on C138 012.
  3. Fussy cut the floral bouquet element in the bottom righthand corner on C138 009.
  4. Fold the acetate sheet/transparency in half on the long edge (fold to A5 size) and then cut down to 14.5cm x 14.5cm.
  5. Cut 3 equal-sized squares from the white cardstock. I used a 11cm x 11cm stitched die.
  6. Glue one of the white squares to the inside front of your acetate card base. Only apply a very thin line of glue around the edges of the cardstock. (Tip: Use a damp baby wipe to remove any glue which may ooze out.)
  7. Stick the second white square to the inside back of the acetate card base (in the same position as the square stuck to the front. (Tip: I used small pieces of Prestik to stick the white squares together with the edges lined up and then stuck them to the card base.)
  8. Stick the third white square to the back outside of the acetate card base.
  9. Cut a frame from the dark green pattern side of the C138 008 sheet. The outside of the frame should be the same size as the white squares. I used an 11cm x 11cm and 10cm x 10cm stitched die to cut the frame. Stick the frame to the outside front of the card base, with the edges lining up with the edges of the white square behind it.
  10. Stick the inside part of the frame you cut to the white cardstock on the inside front of the card base.
  11. Cut a square of the same size from the green part of the C138 007 sheet and stick it to the white cardstock on the inside back of the card base.
  12. Use a ruler and the white permanent marker to draw a stitching pattern around the edge of the front outside of the card base. (Tip: Smudges can be rubbed off by using a wet baby white wrapped around your fingernail.)
  13. Stick the fussy cut floral arrangement cut from C138 012 over the right bottom of the green frame using foam tape.
  14. Cut the parts circled in red from the fussy cut floral arrangement on C138 009.

  • Stick these bits to the white cardstock in the position shown on the photo.

  • Add some glitter paste to the floral elements using the fine paintbrush. Use glitter only as highlights.
  • Cut the fussy cut floral strip from C138 012 to the length of the white cardstock on the inside front of the card base and glue it down on the left-hand side of the white and green squares.


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