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Interactive Frame
Created by Kirsten Meyer (Kirsty’s Scrapbook)
South Africa

"The second I opened my product box I saw the Die-cut Chipboard Frame and I knew I had to use this!

I have always loved plants and flowers around my house so I thought what better way to add to my home than to make a green frame to hang or place on my TV cabinet. I absolutely love the fussy cut elements and I knew I needed to add a whole bunch to my frame! This interactive frame would also make a great addition to a scrapbooking page or album."

For this project you will need:

  • FabScraps Juicy Summers paper range: C138 – 005, 009, 010, 011, 012
  • FabScraps Die-cut Chipboard Frame (25cm x 20cm) FF 001
  • FabScraps white craft glue
  • Kraft cardstock
  • Transparency paper
  • Hardboard
  • Foam board (I used Correx board)
  • VersaMagic chalk ink – Niagara Mist
  • String
  • Flowers (I used some from my stash)


  1. Place (don’t stick) the frame on sheet 005. Make sure that the bird is in the correct place to show on the bottom left. Trace around the frame and then cut it so that you have an identical paper “frame”. Stick this onto the frame and chalk around the edges.
  2. Cut a piece of transparency paper (25cm x 20cm) and stick this on the back of the frame.
  3. Cut your foam into 2cm wide strips. The thickness needs to be 0,5cm – I doubled up my foam to make it thicker as I didn’t have such thick foam. Stick the foam on the back of the frame (the side with the transparency paper) on the left, bottom, and right sides. Place in the middle of the frame boarder otherwise your insert size may be slightly different.
  4. Cut a piece of hardboard and a piece of Kraft to 25cm x 20cm each and stick them together. You will need to make 2 holes for the string to go through for the frame to hang. Measure 4cm from the left and the right and 1cm down and make the 2 holes. Feed the string through and tie at the back, you can adjust the length of the string depending how much string you would like to show.
  5. Cut the saying “Spread Love everywhere you go” and trim down to 12,5cm x 8,5cm. Cut a piece of red to 14cm x 10cm to mat the saying on. Stick this in the middle of the Kraft covered hardboard backing.
  6. Attach the frame to the hardboard back. The top will be left open to slide insets into which you can add photos or more sayings.
  7. You can now decorate the front of the frame with some fussy cut elements, flowers, etc.
  8. I made 2 inserts, but you can make more if you like. Cut kraft to 18,5cm x 17cm. I decorated the top 3cm of each insert so that it wont show through the transparency paper when in the frame but still has some beautiful decorations when you pull them out.

This does not need to be used as a frame, it would also add a lovely interactive addition to a scrapbooking layout or album!

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  • Carol Burger: March 15, 2022

    Wow, just love this project. Love that it is interactive!

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