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The sheets with the beautiful floral borders lend themselves perfectly to creating gift boxes that are plain enough to allow for using the fussy cuts without losing their impact on a “busy” background.
This box is sized to fit an A5-sized notebook. The box is fairly deep, so if you use it for a thin notebook, you should be able to add a thin slab of chocolate as well.
As is my “trademark”, I added some clear glitter as highlights.



For This Project You Will Need:

  • FabScraps C139 Daydreaming Pattern Paper 005, 006, 009, 012
  • 30x30 or A3 sheet of craft coloured board (you can also use cream or white)
  • Rose gold paper or board
  • Lace (about 25cm)
  • Foam tape
  • Short peace of twine or cord
  • Round “stitched” dies or other round dies (you can also measure out a circle and cut using a craft knife
  • Glossy Accents glaze
  • Foam tape
  • Adhesive: FabScraps Glue or any good quality glue that you have
  • Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, ruler, scoreboard
  • Hole punch
  • Clear glitter paste, glitter paint or glitter glue
  • Fine paintbrush


  1. Fussy cut the floral arrangement with the round frame and the smaller clock face on C139 009.
  2. Fussy cut the large tag with the larger flower print and the “sign” part of the “Thank you” card element on C138 012.
  3. Cut a circle with a diameter of approximately 10cm as well as a strip of 0,5cm x 16cm.
  4. Cut a strip of 4cm x 16cm from the checker side of C139 006.
  5. Cut a rectangle of 24cm x 30cm from the craft board (or plain cardstock). Score this sheet at 1cm, 4cm, 20cm and 23cm on the short edge and at 1cm, 4cm, 26cm and 29cm on the long edge. This piece will form the base of the box.
  6. Cut the corners of the base as in the image below.

  • Cut a rectangle sized at 22cm x 28cm from C139 005 as in the image below. This will form the lid of the box.

  • When scoring this piece, DO NOT line it up to the 0cm mark on your scoreboard. Move it approximately 2mm away from the 0cm mark, as in the image below. Then score at 1cm, 3cm, 19cm and 21cm on the short edge. Turn the sheet 90 degrees and again place it approximately 2mm from the 0cm mark on the scoreboard. Score at 1cm, 3cm, 25cm and 27cm. By moving the sheet away from the 0cm mark the lid is made slightly larger, so that it fits over the box base.

  • Cut the corners of the base as in the image below.

  • Use a small spot of glue on the top of the small tabs to glue them to the sides of the base and lid, as shown in the images below. Put glue on the insides of the 1cm “flaps” and fold them towards the inside and glue down, as shown in the images below.


  1. Glue the 4cm x 16cm and 0,5cm x 16m strips to the lid as shown in the image of the final box.
  2. Glue the lace to the box as in the example, folding the ends towards the inside of the box and sticking them down on the insides of the lid edge.
  3. Glue the rose gold circle down on the lid and stick the floral fussy cut on top of the circle using foam tape. Glue the clock face down onto the fussy cut.
  4. Stick the fussy cat tag onto rose gold paper or cardstock and cut it to the same shape as the tag, leaving a narrow rose gold edge.
  5. Stick the “Thank you” fussy cut sentiment to the tag using foam tape.
  6. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the tag and string cord or twine through it. Make a knot in the cord/twine.
  7. Stick the tag onto the lid, using foam tape.
  8. Add accents using a paintbrush and glitter paste or glitter glue.
  9. Cover the clock face in Glossy Accents so that it looks like the glass on a watch face and leave it to dry.




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